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This guide describes how to deploy VergeLink on a Siemens SIMATIC IOT2050.

VergeLink IOT2050


  • You have received your login
  • IoT2050 Hardware with SD Card preinstalled

If you are missing one of the above things, feel free to contact us at

After you have received your VergeLink IoT2050 with VergeLink OS preinstalled you can connect it to power and internet. The device is already provisioned to your tenant and the board serial (visible on the sticker on the metal heat sink) of the IOT2050 is used as a unique device ID.

The preinstalled operating system on the IOT2050 is fully managed by VergeLink for you, this means:

  • Hardened operating system
  • Automatic, robust Over-the-Air Updates for the VergeLink Runtime and the complete operating system
  • Easy configuration via a local web server for diagnostics and network configuration