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This guide describes how to deploy VergeLink on a Siemens SIMATIC IOT2050.

VergeLink IOT2050


If you are missing one of the above things, feel free to contact us at

[Optional] LTE/4G Modem

Combining the IoT2050 with an LTE Modem, antenna and SIM card allows for easy deployment of VergeLink, regardless of the local network situation. Together with partners, we can provide the SIM cards without any monthly costs, the LTE modem and the optimal antenna for your mounting requirements.

[Optional] WiFi Module

The WiFi module can either be utilized to connect to the cloud via a WiFi company network or to connect to local wireless sensors.

[Optional] Bluetooth BLE Module

The Bluetooth module allows you to connect to local Bluetooth Low Energy sensors.

Alternative ways of deployment

Alterantive 1 - Image: You receive an image file. Flash yourself using balenaEtcher or similar to a 16GB SD card. Devices automatically connect to your tenant. The device is uniquely identified by the board serial (printed on the side of the IOT2050). Note: Industrial SD cards are recommended

Alternative 2 - SD Card: We send you an Industrial SD card with VergeLink preinstalled and preprovisioned to your Tenant. The SD contains an ID sticker with the device ID that will later be shown as the unique Device ID.

Alternative 3 - IOT2050: We send you an IoT2050 with an Industrial SD preinstalled. The device is provisioned to your tenant and the board Serial of the IOT2050 is used as a unique Device ID.