PLC & Field Device Connectors

VergeLink supports all relevant protocols for connecting your data sources. Supported are:
  • OPC UA
  • S7 Communication
  • Modbus TCP & RTU
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Siemens Sinumerik 840D pl/sl
  • IO-Link
  • FTP, WinCC Mini Web (Files)
SPS- und Feldgeräte-Konnektoren
Datenmodell-Import & Bibliothek

Data Model Import & Library

In the Configuration Wizard you can automatically import your PLCs data model directly from the engineering system, for example you can easily export Data Blocks from your Siemens TIA Portal project and import them as VergeLink configuration. For field devices with a static data model (like energy meters or frequency converters) VergeLink automatically detects the type and chooses the right data model from our data model library for you to use - no need to copy the addresses manually from the data sheet!

Easily Connect Sensors

If you want to add additional sensors to your machine, for example vibration or temperature sensors, VergeLink has you covered. Choose from over 10.000 IO-Link sensors that are compatible with VergeLink and easily add them to your IIoT solution. This is also a great way to retrofit existing machines, that don't have a digital interface by simply adding a few sensor to collect the most important data.
Einfacher Anschluss von Sensoren
Sammeln von Daten über Zeitreihen hinaus

Collect Data Beyond Time Series

Normal edge gateway solutions only allow you to connect time series data (Values with a timestamp), but VergeLink can also collect additional data. By collecting Events from data sources (for example bit events that are intended for usage with the HMI) you can analyze frequently occurring warnings and alarms. And by collecting files from your data sources you can process semi-structured data directly into time series data or upload camera images of bad quality products to the cloud.

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