Cloud- & IT-Integrations

Secure Cloud Connection

VergeLink supports the latest security features, like encrypted MQTT / HTTPS connections and device identity via certificates. Whenever you use MQTT, HTTPS or MindConnect as your protocol, your data is always secure.
Sichere Cloud Verbindung
Tiefe Integration für MindSphere, Cumulocity und Azure

Deep integration for MindSphere, Cumulocity and Azure

While you can connect to any system using MQTT or HTTP, VergeLink has special integrations for MindSphere, Cumulocity and Azure. There your devices and their corresponding data model is automatically created when you complete the configuration wizard in VergeLink. This eliminates unnecessary work and any errors that a manual process could cause.

OPC UA Server for local data sharing

As a machine build your can improve your customers process with intelligent cloud solutions, but some use cases require the operator to aquire data from your machine. For this VergeLink provides an OPC UA Server, that you can also manage centrally. For example, this allows you to only enable the OPC UA server for customers that have requested this option and to selectively provide only some or all of yours machine raw data to your end customer.
OPC UA Server für lokalen Datenaustausch
Flexible Nutzlastkonfiguration

Flexible payload configuration

You can create custom payload formats for MQTT and HTTP/REST connections with the protocol templating system.

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